MaryAnn Mason
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Continuing education through summer research

Hearing from Scholarship Recipients: MaryAnn Mason

Scholarships awarded to MaryAnn Mason allowed her to pursue a masters degree in Biology.

"I have a mortgage payment, electric payments. Alleviating that day to day stress of how am I going to pay my bills, but also reach my academic goals is a really awesome thing that they were able to help me get through this summer."

MaryAnn was able to conduct a summer research project looking into the temperature profile of the water in Chautauqua Lake. She collected water samples throughout the summer, then brought the samples back to the lab to be analyzed. 

MaryAnn was supported in this research thanks to the endowments created by the Holmberg Foundation and Falcone Foundation. She says support from donors makes a huge difference for graduate students because it helps her financially, both in and out of the classroom.

MaryAnn is also the recipient of the Making a Difference scholarship. She hopes to one day become a teacher, but also wants to continue doing research, as she says there is still so much to be learned about inland fresh water.